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Subject : Kalachakra
Painting: #880
Size : 29 by 20½ inches
Purchased : Kathmandu
Price : $185.00

        Kalachakra, also known as the 'Wheel of Time', is the most complex of all the supreme yoga tantria deities. He has four faces, twenty-four arms, and two legs. He wears a tiger skin around his waist, gold ornaments, vajra earrings, bracelets, belt and necklace. His torso and central face are dark blue or black, his right face is red and his two left faces are white and yellow. His right leg is red and his left is white. He tramples the Hindu gods Ananga and Rudra and their respective consorts. Kalachakra's eight lower arms are dark blue or black, the eight middle arms are red, and the eight upper arms are white. Each hand holds a symbolic tantric implement. He embraces his consort Vishvamati with his two principal arms, whose hands hold a vajra and bell. She is gold in color with four faces, eight arms, and two legs.